Jim Joel Nyakaana & Claire Zerida Balungi

Claire (Zerida) Balungi is a journalist who continues to be transformed by documenting society using various forms of art, however, literature and photography have a great claim on her. Claire is a free thinker and rarely believes in sieving ideas when she decides to tell a story; she’s a liberated storyteller and will be spreading her wings for as long as chronicling society chooses her.

With a vast portfolio of articles across various topics, including her notable piece “To the World, from Katwe: Using Art for Change” which is a prime example of her ability to capture the essence of societal events, Claire showcases her keen observational skills and societal awareness.

Jim Joel, an accomplished independent researcher, photographer, and artist renowned for his work in conceptualizing and implementing art installations within public spaces. He has established significant partnerships with various institutions over the years beginning with collaborations with the Uganda National Museum, Cross Cultural Foundation Uganda, Civ Source Uganda (2021-2022) and Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health (TICAH) from Kenya. Additionally, his collaborations extended internationally to include engagements with York University, England, Streetware X Mivumba, Berlin, and Leeds University, England (2022).

Together with these esteemed institutions, Jim Joel has produced impactful art installations and captivating photobook projects such as “Beyond the Reeds and Bricks” and “Symbols of Generosity in Uganda.” Jim Joel also participated in the Kampala Biennale 2020 and KLA Arts Festival 2021.