Gor Soudan

Gor Soudan (b. 1983)
Gor Soudan’s practice incorporates drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and ceremony to reflect on social and environmental interrelationships. Working in series, Soudan considers how these relations transform both physical landscapes and imaginative inner-scapes. Since 2019 Soudan has been based between Nairobi and Kisumu where his research has centered around the forms and materiality of handmade agricultural interventions into the landscape. Working with a collective of basket weavers and studying traditional weaving forms have informed a series of ink drawings in which Soudan entwines patterns found in natural, virtual and architectural environments.
Soudan studied Sociology and Philosophy at Egerton University, Kenya. Selected solo and group exhibitions include: Dust Sheet Embroidered Snow, Project Gallery, Arundel, UK, 2019; Kikulacho: Remains, waste and metonymy III, British Institute of East Africa, Nairobi, 2018; Tokyo A La Carte, Tomio Kayama Gallery, Tokyo, 2018; Imprints, Redhill Gallery, Limuru, 2016; Join the Dots, Circle Art Gallery, 2015. In 2014 he participated in the  Backers Residency, AIT in Tokyo Japan, and in 2017 the ICAF residency in Lagos, Nigeria. Soudan’s work has featured in international art fairs including 1-54  Contemporary Art Fair in London, 2022 and Cape  Town Art Fair, 2018, both with Circle Art Gallery.