Kevin Murungi and Evans Akanyijuka

Murungi Kevin is a Ugandan-based multidisciplinary artist who has been practicing for 4 years. His practice involves printing on materials, creating digital art, tapestry and fashion. With his fashion brand Afro Muru, Murungi experiments with double exposure, negative and positive space, and symbolism. Most of his work upcycles used fabrics, screen meshes, printing paste and even thread. Murungi considers himself experimental and likes pushing himself outside his comfort zone and letting his work take its own direction.

EVANS AKANYIJUKA (b.1999), is a Ugandan visual artist working at the
intersection of photography, photo manipulation, collage and artificial
intelligence in his artworks.
In his ongoing series, “Within the depths of the unrealized, lies the potential”,he
challenges the tendency to dismiss what we do not fully comprehend. Within
this collection, he embraces the importance of objective reasoning and the act
of listening, recognizing the potency of contradictions as a means to gain
deeper insight into what was once mysterious. From this series he has crafted
a sub series titled Symbiosis of Dreams in which he perceives the works as
dreams stemming from two distinct minds, showcasing the interplay between
his imagination and that of the AI. The title “Symbiosis of Dreams” captures the
idea of a harmonious co- creation between a human and AI, relating to a
shared dreaming experience. These works are videos generated from the
photography and collage artworks that he creates.
His work has been part of various group exhibitions including; the Art of
Equality exhibition at the UN headquarters in Geneva , Silent invasions: The
Art of Material Hacking exhibition at Amasaka gallery, Uganda, Next of Kin
group exhibition in Lagos, Epeyonon: The Homecomer at Kiggundu art studio
in Uganda supported by the Braid fund. Evans was a resident artist at 32
degrees East in Kampala, Uganda.