Rachael Ndagire

Rachael Ndagire is a Ugandan artist born in the southwestern region of the country. She is a multi-faceted textile and fiber artist with speciality in weaving and hand embroidery among others. She studied art at all levels of her education, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Industrial Design with honors from Kyambogo University in 2019.

She has participated in various art exhibitions at Tadooba Gallery including   ‘Am The Inspiration I Need’ at the end of her internship where her work was first recognized by an art blog in ‘The Independent” Her works have also been exhibited at various art fairs and events where she allows the audience to interact with her art practice.

From strikingly colorful crochet tapestries to painstakingly hand-stitched silhouette portraits, she examines the relationship between craft-based materials and techniques, and contemporary art. She majorly plays around with colour, shapes and implied lines to create her works that tackle social issues focusing on the current climate and mental health in society.

As part of her process she collects waste fabric, old and discarded clothes from tailors and open markets, cleans and sorts them into different colors; and cuts  them into strips that are later used to create the artworks ,using  various techniques. This practice ensures that she up-cycles as much textile waste as she can, not only sensitizing the masses but also becoming a part of solving the problem her works seek to address.