Sixte Kakinda

Sixte Kakinda is a self-taught comic writer with a Doctorate degree (2023) in Global Art Practice from Tokyo University of the Arts where his work Intimate Moments/Monologue (2019) won the first prize. As a drawer and visual artist, Sixte is generally interested in the line, the main element of drawing, as well as its properties (connectivity, separation, exchange, circulation, grouping, identity, subtraction, multiplication…), with the aim of exploring new creative possibilities and extending, rethinking, liberating, and decolonising drawing by crossing it with its properties or with other artistic disciplines. This has enabled him to create and explore concepts such as “Drawing as Crossing” and “Drawing Invisible“.

Sixte is particularly interested in the lines drawn in, to or from the Congo before, during and after colonization. These lines, evidence, and traces of human activity, carry the history of the Congo and its memory. This interest in line is not only related to drawing but also to the important role that drawing has played in the formation, construction, constitution, and representation of African countries since the Berlin Conference in 1884.

Sixte has had a solo exhibition in Hiroshima and has taken part in several group exhibitions in Hiroshima, Tokyo, Seoul, Leipzig, Antwerp, and Lubumbashi. He has also been on several creative residencies in Johannesburg and has collaborated with artists such as Sinzo Aanza, Lindiwe Matshikiza and Hiraku Suzuki. Sixte lives and works in Goma (DR Congo).