Seyi Adekelun

Seyi Adelekun is a London-based multidisciplinary artist with Yoruba-Nigerian heritage. Their practice focuses on creating sites rooted in deep ecology and nature’s spiritual wisdom, with the aim to foster interconnectedness, ecological awareness and environmental stewardship. Seyi’s work centres indigenous knowledge through embodied practices including movement, rituals, and bio-material craft. Creating installations, performance art and facilitating […]

Monica Aheirwebyona

Ahairwebyona Monica is a graduate architect who believes in the power of good design to solve everyday problems. She is also an educator whose hope is that in sharing what she has learnt the generation after her is able to do better.In addition, as an architectural photographer, she seeks to tell visual stories of space […]

Mercy Ajatum

Mercy Ajatum is a performing artist and model based in Kampala, Uganda. In her journey Mercy has engaged with communities using her art as a tool of social change. She loves to explore culture through fashion and dance. She has been part of the Brave Kids project in Poland as a leader and performer. As […]

 Kevin Murungi and Evans Akanyijuka

Murungi Kevin is a Ugandan-based multidisciplinary artist who has been practicing for 4 years. His practice involves printing on materials, creating digital art, tapestry and fashion. With his fashion brand Afro Muru, Murungi experiments with double exposure, negative and positive space, and symbolism. Most of his work upcycles used fabrics, screen meshes, printing paste and […]

The Secret Society of Publishers

The Secret Society of Publishers (SA) Londiwe Mtshali (b. 1994) is a visual artist, writer and scholar. She is interested in Black women’s homeownership, memory, theories of personal identities, traditional practices, and politics of language. Mtshali works across the disciplines of installation, printmaking, video, photography, textile and text. She completed a NDip (Fine Art) at […]

Jim Joel Nyakaana & Claire Zerida Balungi

Claire (Zerida) Balungi is a journalist who continues to be transformed by documenting society using various forms of art, however, literature and photography have a great claim on her. Claire is a free thinker and rarely believes in sieving ideas when she decides to tell a story; she’s a liberated storyteller and will be spreading […]

Fatuma Hassan

Fatuma Hassan is an abstract painter, muralist and graffiti artist who lives and works in Kampala, Uganda but is native to Ndjamena, Chad. Her colourful paintings pay homage to African Traditional Culture. Her distinctive personal style stems from the joy, love, peace and music that express the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of African culture. She […]

Sixte Kakinda

Sixte Kakinda is a self-taught comic writer with a Doctorate degree (2023) in Global Art Practice from Tokyo University of the Arts where his work Intimate Moments/Monologue (2019) won the first prize. As a drawer and visual artist, Sixte is generally interested in the line, the main element of drawing, as well as its properties […]

Lyndah Katusiime

Lyndah Katusiime is a dynamic force at the intersection of photography and architecture, driven by a profound interest in reshaping the future of human habitats. With a keen eye for capturing the essence of space and form, Lyndah seamlessly blends the artistry of photography with the technical precision of architectural design. Specializing in modular, temporary […]

Catherine Lie

Catherine Anabella Lie (b. 1992) is an Indonesian interdisciplinary artist, designer, researcher and educator based in Mexico City. Interested in the notion of commoning, Catherine works with scores, videos, texts and their translations to explore alternative histories against the dominant narrative structure. Using commonly found materials in her everyday life: DIY treatments; wild facts and […]